Ultra-Light Backpacking

A 6 month hike, as you now know, takes a lot of preparation. The most essential thing you need to prepare is your gear. With the right gear, you have a high likelihood of having a successful hike. The current trend on the Appalachian Trail is “ultra-light backpacking.” The goal is to have a pack that weighs no more than twenty pounds. Below I have provided a list of everything you will need for backpacking, including the winter months, with specific brand recommendations:


CLOTHES (warm weather):

  • 2 short sleeve DRI FIT shirts
  • 2 pairs of DRI FIT running shortssocks.png
  • 3 pairs of underwear (polyester)
  • (girls) 3 comfortable bras (polyester)
  • 2 pairs of hiking socks
  • 1 pair of camp socks
  • baseball cap
  • camp shoes
  • 3 pairs of tennis shoes (2 of them mail dropped)
  • rain pants
  • rain jacket

CLOTHES (cold weather additions):down-jacket

  • beanie
  • DRI FIT leggings
  • pants
  • DRI FIT long sleeve shirt
  • gloves
  • beanie
  • down jacket

COOKING:pocket rocket.jpg


You can plan out your meals according to your own preference, just keep in mind the weight that different types of food items will add to your pack. As far as cooking goes, any food that just needs hydrated with water is a good choice. Any dry food such as granola bars are great as well! Also, do not pack any cans! They add unnecessary weight and you’ll have to carry the empty cans witsawyer squeeze.jpgh you.


  • 2 plastic SMART water bottles
  • Sawyer Squeeze
  • Platypus
  • Water Scooper (typically a water bottle cut in half, for when water flow isn’t great)




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